Impetus for sustainable leadership and corporate culture

Mindset and corporate culture can evolve if we formulate and live out core values and establish a common understanding of leadership.

Our wealth of experience provides strategic support to SMEs and corporate groups. No matter where a company is at on its journey, we identify the next step and follow through its implementation. Here is an outline of the event formats we work with.

You can either request a preferred format, or tell us about your situation beforehand in a personal meeting. We will then develop the appropriate strategy together.


Keynote and impulse talks

We are more than happy to share our brand management and corporate culture know-how and experience. At management conferences, congresses, association meetings or in your company.
We provide inspiration for the sustainable design of leadership and corporate culture as well as on other issues that impact businesses, such as brand strategy and employer attractiveness. We are always up to date and on the ball thanks to spirited and purpose-driven exchange with the IHK Berlin and our involvement with business and management circles such as Co-Create and EO.
Martin Permantier’s Speaker Profile gives you a snapshot of his expertise. For anything else just get in touch with us.

Workshops (in-house)

Inspiration for your brand communication and corporate culture. We love helping you gain new insights and igniting new ideas.
Recruiting specialists, employee retention, leadership style, corporate communication: what’s on your agenda right now?

Our six mindset model and our values development method provide valuable insights into a wide variety of topics.
We will discuss together in advance what to focus on during the workshop.

Our Academy

A wide range of services on key management topics – from design thinking to employer branding. Lively and 100% practical.
The public seminars at our Academy in the Sarotti-Höfen in Berlin Kreuzberg provide inspiration for your marketing strategies and corporate culture. Participants relish the vibrant and informative discussions with employees from other companies and the creative atmosphere in our loft premises.

Positioning and strategy development


The core purpose of design is to convincingly communicate the mindset and values of your company in terms of visuals, content and feel. Even when no words are involved, the design of your brand says a lot about your business and your attitude towards employees, suppliers, customers and society.
Strategic design touches the heart and soul, from logo to infographics. Digital and analogue in all content formats, whether text, image, video or storytelling. Analysis of your practised values creates the foundations that enable your corporate design to communicate your corporate identity with clarity and purpose. 
We see design as a form of proactive thinking.


You can win over clients and recruit employees if your communications underline your position in the market and maximise your attractiveness as an employer. Shared values are the best compass – in official corporate communications as well as face-to-face. Corporate Communication impacts management and employees on a daily basis. The  strategy provides the core idea and the design  the explicit framework. Consistent communication of the values of your brand and the mindset of your company across all channels is something we develop together with you.  


Employer attractiveness and innovative ability are key to your success in digital transformation. If you want to attract and retain skilled workers and create the conditions required to be agile and co-creative, two things are paramount:

  1. Using and cultivating your values
  2. Reflecting on and developing your mindset

Good corporate culture is like an additional manager. We help you tap into this potential.

Transformation support

Executive training

From a strong leader to a mature leader. In the past, a rationalistic-functional mindset was all a strong leader needed. However, it requires a mature leadership personality to see the complex demands of the present and the future in a positive light and to find good solutions. Such personalities can employ different leadership styles  they can consciously model their behaviour according to the mindset of the employees and encourage others to keep on developing.

In an appreciative atmosphere we show you how you can expand your mindset and what your options are in terms of action.

Change processes

Whether corporate succession, merger or sale: successful change and successful organisational development require a common understanding of values and the development of ME and WE. The ME, i.e. employees and managers, must be allowed to develop just as the WE, i.e. the team and the management. This is why we focus on all three levels:

1. Self-development – ME as an employee and manager
2. Team development – WE as a team
3. Value development – the entire ORGANISATION

We are happy to support your change project – let’s talk about how.

Agile transformation

Agility, proactive action at all levels, can’t just be prescribed or switched on at will. It’s about a cultural shift that involves rethinking and modernising leadership and mindset. Here it is essential to allow and specifically promote employee empowerment. Agility only becomes possible when managers lead with values and purpose. Only in this way can employees manage themselves in the best interests of the company. Another key requirement is to dismantle the culture of safety and fear and create a culture of error and learning.

We love visitors

You’re very welcome to drop in and visit us in the Sarottii-Höfen in Berlin Kreuzberg.
Get your own impression of our work and spirit – just arrange an appointment with us.

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