Shaping leadership and corporate culture for the future

In his new book “MINDSET MATTERS“, Martin Permantier shows how we can shape the development of a leadership and corporate culture to enable organisations to thrive in the future world of work.
He has developed a practical model based on ideas and approaches drawn from modern developmental psychology. With the help of real-life examples and powerful graphics Martin explains how we can gradually but surely expand our mindsets. This evolutionary way of thinking is truly inspirational and allows the reader some real “lightbulb” moments.


Inspiration for brand, leadership and corporate culture


Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. For over 20 years he has supported companies on their strategic development and brand positioning journeys. His experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of SHORT CUTS GmbH, a 30-strong design and communication agency based in Berlin, has been key to his pragmatic approach and advanced his solid implementation skills. Martin shares his expertise in seminars, workshops and lectures.


The exciting new book “Mindset Matters” is now available in English 
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What makes “Mindset Matters” special

It sheds light on the key links between personality development, team development and organisational development in times of digitalisation and digital transformation. The book documents a new approach to the development of leadership and corporate culture. The mindset from which we operate and interpret the world is a factor that is critical for corporate success. The book presents a new model based on developmental psychology research findings. It explains how we interpret the world and construct our reality according to our inner mindset. With numerous examples and illustrations, the book provides the reader with multiple practical suggestions on how we can gain deeper integral understanding of an organisation. And this in all four dimensions: behaviour, culture, structure and mindset.