Leadership should not act as a brake on development.

At a lighthouse event organised by the German Entrepreneurs´ Organization in May 2019 at Fabrik23 in Berlin, Martin Permantier, author of “Mindset Matters“, explains how we can change our attitudes and expand our mindset.

.Future-proof leadership needs presence, courage and empathy

Presence is needed so we can act in the present and observe and recognise the mindset we are in. To do this we have to wake up inwardly for a “second time” as often as possible during the day to see through our automatisms and habitual responses.

Courage helps us enter spaces of experience that are just outside our comfort zone. Because the best way to learn a new mindset is to experience it.

Empathy helps us to use our emotional wisdom to identify new possibilities. It provides the compassion for ourselves and others which we need to find the equanimity and patience required for development to occur


Mindset matters for the future

In our new book “Mindset Matters”, we present the ideas explored in the six mindset model in clear and engaging manner
The book provides deep insights into how leadership, teams and organisations develop. Every given example stems from real life, making it easy to relate to the topics covered in the book.
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