Insights into our approach: Putting theory into practice

The nice thing about the six mindset model is that it can be put into practice wonderfully. This process of developing mindsets and values is also described on In the videos we give an insight into our project work and into some of our lecture formats. More information can be found in the Speaker Profile of Martin Permantier.
We are also happy to pass on our knowledge in seminars on values, mindsets and a common understanding of leadership. Whether in the SHORT CUTS Academy or in workshops directly in companies. Let’s talk about it!

How you can achieve inner freedom in leadership

At the Lighthouse event of the Entrepreneurs´ Organization Martin Permantier shows how we can expand our mindset. 
Leadership needs three qualities if it is not to be a brake on development: presence, courage and empathy.
How you can achieve inner freedom in Leadership (18 min, englisch)

Evolution of leadership and corporate culture

A company’s culture is not the product of random events or external circumstances. It is an expression of what the company is – its identity. In order to have a positive effect on your own corporate culture, it is worthwhile for employees and managers to become aware of the values they embody as a company, how they interact with each other, how they cultivate relationships and how they communicate. 
(4 min, German)

New Work, Employer Branding and Corporate Culture

We are convinced that both demographic development and digital transformation require leadership to evolve.
We want to inspire companies and support them systematically in their implementation. Because leadership & culture decide whether employees develop trust and bring their strengths to the company and whether agility and co-creation really succeed.
(3 min, German)

Strengthening culture, brand and positioning

At the Expert Forum Corporate Culture 4.0 for Managing Directors and HR Managers Büroland, Martin Permantier shows how we can strategically align our corporate identity on the basis of shared values and mindsets. Values and mindset form the basis of our corporate identity and positioning. If we have clarity about this, we can strategically align and develop corporate design, corporate communication and corporate culture.
(45min, German)

Implementing mindsets and values

The development of a mission statement is one way of strengthening a common understanding of leadership. Ideally the mission statement is based on jointly developed values and mindsets. For this process we use Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry and Value Communication and always adapt our approach individually to the organisation. In the video we show a practical example of how this process can be successfully implemented in companies.  
(18min, German)